Our Facilities

At Envirotech Mechanical Systems, Inc. our attention to detail begins with our own facilities. All of our office personnel are housed in our brand new 3600 sq. ft. building complete with our state of the art conference room that is setup with the most up to date technology to allow our employees to handle our customer’s needs faster and more efficiently.

We also have 2 permanent storage facilities that have a total combined square footage of over 13,000. All of this is housed on over 5 acres conveniently located off of highway 105 just west of Conroe Texas.

This is our 7200 sq. ft. Equipment Storage warehouse that is insured and alarm protected. Everything inside is inventoried and signed in or out to each employee by our warehouse manager on a daily basis.

This is our Pre-Fabrication and Pipe Storage Facilities Warehouse. At around 6000 sq. ft., this gives our accredited Pre-Fabrication Department the tools, equipment, and necessary workspace to get the job done faster and more efficiently even if the weather does not want to cooperate.