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For more than 20 years, Envirotech Mechanical has been serving Houston and its surrounding areas. As one of the leaders in the HVAC industry, we have provided reliable and quality service to dozens of customers throughout the state. We believe in quality workmanship and take pride in a job well done.
Reliable Work

We are a company that believes our reputation speaks for itself. We know that our hard work and dependability show through our work.

Growth and Demand

With the continuing growth and demand for experienced HVAC companies, Envirotech has adapted to the ever changing market and continues to keep its pledge of reliability and quality

Relationships that last

At Envirotech, we believe in building working relationships that will last for many years.

We believe in quality workmanship
and take pride in a job well done.

Some of our completed projects

  • Brazos County Sheriff’s Office–$725,000.00—Hunt Construction Group
  • Brazos County Expo–$1,365,000.00—Hunt Construction Group
  • Montgomery County Jail–$240,415.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • TDJC Wallis Pack Unit–$339,062.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Municipal Service Center–$128,925.00—Bryan Construction Co.
  • Montgomery County Civic Center–$992,707.00—Falcon Group
  • St. Elizabeth’s Hospital–$123,000.00—Galewsky & Johnston
  • Rice Hospital–$236,900.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Bryan Endoscopy Center–$186,147.00—Service Master Design
  • Bryan ISD—Sam Houston Elementary–$340,000.00—Dudley Construction
  • Humble Elementary #23–$1,064,500.00—Brae Burn Construction
  • Bryan ISD—Bonham Elementary—$1,590,000.00—Brae Burn Construction
  • Kingwood Park High School–$2,723,865.00—Durotech Inc.
  • Conroe ISD—Flex #9–$1,526,000.00—Durotech Inc.
  • Pasadena ISD—BP-17–$1,146,000.00—Prime Contractors Inc.
  • Humble Elementary #22–$1,013,950.00—Brae Burn Construction
  • Richmond State School #525–$602,152.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Richmond State School #528–$34,275.00—Coleman Contracting Group
  • Richmond State School #504 & #507–$300,130.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Conroe ISD Flex #6–$1,396,900.00—Durotech Construction
  • Conroe ISD Flex #7–$1,396,900.00—Durotech Construction
  • Bryan ISD—Mary Branch Elementary–$347,344.00—Dudley Construction
  • Dallas ISD—Bid Package 49B–$1,050,000.00—Prime Contractors Inc.
  • Lamar ISD—Terry, George, & Natatorium–$1,059,100.00—Bass Construction
  • Alief ISD—Elsik–$1,035,000.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Humble ISD—Humble #15–$385,000.00—Gamma Construction
  • Fannin Elementary–$545,000.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Sealy High School–$3,150,000.00—Drymalla Construction
  • Alief Alexander–$569,750.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Houston ISD—Butler Sports Complex–$2,405,806.90—Prime Contractors Inc.
  • Prairie View A & M–$1,101,385.00—Vaughan Construction
  • Houston ISD—Sam Houston High School–$3,037,000.00—Prime Contractors Inc.
  • Wunderlich Intermediate–$205,000.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Clear Lake ISD—Package G2–$294,000.00—Prime Contractors Inc.
  • Clear Lake ISD—Package I2–$48,000.00—Prime Contractors Inc.
  • Houston ISD–$1,401,000.00—Prime Contractors Inc.
  • New Caney High School–$1,401,000.00—Prime Contractors Inc.
  • Alief ISD—New Intermediate #6–$1,340,800.00—Drymalla Construction
  • Aldine ISD—Carver Intermediate–$1,290,000.00—Aldine ISD
  • Houston ISD—CFD2 Bundle School Package–$3,375,000.00-Prime Contractors Inc.
  • Conroe ISD—Education Support Center–$492,995.00—Diamond Commercial Construction
  • Carmichael Elementary–$102,628.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Shotwell Middle School–$273,515.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • MacAuthur High School–$168,302.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Kaiser Elementary–$121,445.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Ehrhardt Elementary–$302,295.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Klein Intermediate–$153,665.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Houser Elementary–$135,040.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Huntsville ISD—Mance Park–$448,027.50—Collier Construction Inc.
  • Knox Jr. High–$25,928.00—Gamma Construction
  • Huntsville ISD—Field House–$73,091.00—Collier Construction Inc.
  • C.C.I.S.D—Priority Maintenance Package B2–$1,510,509.00—Prime Contractors Inc.
  • Sylvan Rodriguez Elementary–$1,136,500.00—Pyramid Constructors
  • Jones, Law, & Sterling School–$3,580,000.00—Prime Contractors Inc.
  • Bryan ISD—Hammond Oliver–$140,495.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • SHSU Administration Building–$504,000.00—Williams Industries
  • Conroe Schools, Etc–$200,000.00—Mo Bill Construction
  • Blinn College Phase II–$1,995,945.00—C.F. Jordan Construction
  • Sul Ross Elementary–$586,945.00—C.F. Jordan Construction
  • Spring ISD—Gymnasiums–$391,065.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Willis ISD—School #3–$810,815.00—Collier Construction Inc.
  • Buckalew Elementary–$750,945.00—Brae Burn Construction
  • Northbelt Elementary–$323,000.00—Collier Construction Inc.
  • Reaves/Ford Elementary–$199,495.00—Drymalla Construction
  • C.I.S.D.—Travis Industrial Arts–$49,995.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
  • Oakwood Intermediate–$182,500.00—Acklam Construction
  • Johnson Elementary–$603,795.00—Gamma Construction
  • Bryan ISD—Elementary #6–$927,333.00—Bryan Construction Co.
  • Houston ISD—Lamar, Madison & Law Enforcement H.S.’s–$2,388,250.00—Prime Contractors Inc.
  • Conroe ISD—MEP Improvements-Annex–$2,324,000.00—Envirotech Mechanical LLP
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